T H E  M U S I C I A N S

Adriaan Stoet (1965)

was taught by international masters such as Ruggiero Ricci, Victor Libermann and Philip Hirshorn. He is a much asked soloist that performs in foreign as well as his own country (the Netherlands). A beautiful cd was released by EMI of his rendition of Yiddish music. He became well known for instance with his performance of Paganini's '24 Caprices'.

Arjan van der Boom (1964)

completed his cello studies at the Stedelijk Conservatorium of Zwolle (The Netherlands) where he received tuition from Maria Hol and Jeroen Reuling. In London he was taught by the distinguished Christopher Bunting. At the moment Arjan is cello player with the Nieuw Philharmonisch Orkest (the Netherlands) as well as teacher at various music schools.

Jan Groot (1957)

studied piano and saxophone at the Stedelijk Conservatorium of Zwolle (The Netherlands). In 1980 he received his soloist diploma. He was taught by Cees van Dalen. He also studied advanced piano with Willem Brons. Through the years he developed into an all-round musician; pianist, saxophone player, teacher, accompanist of singers, choirs, string- and brass sections and many others.