Our music

includes the very best of a very large salon repertoire. Next to compositions from great masters we play music from lesser known composers, who have written beautiful music for the salon repertoire. For instance Oscar Fetrás; few people have heard of him but his fluently sounding 'Polospiele' and the delicate waltzing 'Spielmans Lieder' should not be left out of any salon repertoire.

And what to think about Anton Rubinstein. Admittedly a fairly well known composer, but cannot be named in one go with the great masters. However, his 'Melody in F' belongs to the jewels of the salon music. Of all the great masters, the Strauß family is the most famous. It can be said that they may have invented salon music! They have written many waltzes, polkas and marches, of which Café Noir has a good amount on their repertoire.

Speaking of the great masters there are several other names to be mentioned. Of course Sir Edward Elgar with his melancholy 'Salut d'amour'. Or Johannes Brahms with his 'Hungarian dance no. 5' with its characteristic sweeping gipsy rhythms. And Leo Delibes with his elegant 'Valse lente'. Everlasting melodies that keep moving through the ages.

Of course a selection out of the world of operetta's is included in our repertoire. For instance the fast moving 'Couplets des Rois', an adaptation out of 'La belle Helene' by Jacques Offenbach. And 'Dein ist mein ganzes Herz' from 'Das Land des Lächelns' by Franz Lehar. And famous of course is the strong rendition of 'Drunt in der Lobau' by Heinrich Strecker.

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Our cd's

From the vast library of salon music we have made a choice of the most beautiful compositions. This selection can be listened to on two cd's.

In 2001 we made our first cd with the fitting name NOSTALGIA. For this cd we made recordings of pieces from Strauß, Elgar, Brahms and other composers.
In 2006 we made our latest cd entitled RUBATO.

Listening to our music
Fragments of all the tracks from both cd's can be listened to on 'streaming audio'. This will give a good impression of the complete cd. However, the sound quality of the cd is superior to the demo's.

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Online ordering

By clicking the link below you can simply order to purchase (one of) our cd's. After filling in the orderform the cd will be sent to your home address by return of post.

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