C D   R U B A T O

On this page you will be able to listen to fragments of our cd 'Rubato'. By clicking on the blue button a small part of the file will be retrieved, after which the appropriate number will start playing. To stop you need only to click on the little square. Please note: to play the tracks you need the Flash-player by Macromedia. This is standard build in by recent browsers. If not you can choose to download this freeware player…

Jealousy Jacob Gade 0:34'
Couplets des Rois Jacques Offenbach 0:49'
On Miami shore Victor Jacobi 0:42'
Komm, Zigány! Emmerich Kálmán 1:14'
Danse des petites girls Emile Doloire 0:41'
Russian tango Koen Dejonghe 0:54'
Polo-Spiele Oscar Fetrás 1:24'
Liebesfreud Fritz Kreisler 0:51'
Slavische dans op. 72 nr. 2 Antonin Dvorák 1:07'
Marcia miniature Viennoise Fritz Kreisler 0:56'
Cavatine Joachim Raff 0:58'
Cherry blossom H. Marling 1:14'
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